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We are changing the future of health and well being

Our research marks the beginning of a new future. Exploring the molecular realm, we examine the smallest units of life to discover how the world works. We continually push the boundaries of the scientific frontier, searching for answers to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Centre for Cell Biology of Chronic Disease   Centre for Chemistry and Drug Discovery   Centre for Superbug Solutions   Centre for Population and Disease Genomics  

              Research excellence

              $1.3 billion+ commercial investment attracted to IMB research
              1454 international collaborators
              300+ original publications in 2022
              $28M in research funding last calendar year
              20%+ of patent families at UQ are derived from IMB research
              100% of donations go to the cause

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              IMB fully supports UQ's Reconciliation Action Plan and is implementing actions within our institute.

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