Meet the Researchers: The Future of Pain Relief

13 June 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us for 'Meet the Researchers: The Future of Pain Relief' to hear about the latest advancements in pain treatment research.
Institute for Molecular Bioscience - building at night

Breaking Boundaries in Regenerative Medicine and Developmental Biology

10 July 2023 10:00am5:00pm
ASSCR is pleased to invite you to the 2nd ASSCR scientific meeting for Early Career Researchers (ECRs - Student and Postdoctoral level) in Queensland: 'Breaking Boundaries in Regenerative Medicine and Developmental Biology'. This meeting follows on from the inaugural meeting that occurred in 2021 and is part of a series of interstate events which will be held over the year.

Beneath the Surface of Skin and Medicines

24 May 2023 6:15pm8:00pm
We explore what lies on the surface and what’s underneath it. Our first speaker will let us in on the secret world of skin from a histological perspective, and our second speaker will tell us how metals are used in medicine today.

Drugs in a Cherry and Tissue Engineering

23 May 2023 6:30pm8:30pm
Hear about how plants are being engineered to manufacture important drugs, or how tissue engineering and computational modelling are helping us improve health outcomes in tendon tears.

Healing our Mind

22 May 2023 6:15pm8:30pm
Learn about how identifying changes in visual processing could be early indications of dementia, and how "molecular fingerprints" can help in the fight against depression.

Meet the Researchers: a Lens on Women's Health

7 March 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us for Meet the Researchers: A Lens on Women’s Health, as we mark both International Women’s Day and Endometriosis Awareness Month with insights into IMB’s women’s health research. The event will feature four dynamic researchers and include a complimentary afternoon tea and lab tour.

Meet the Researchers: Our Global Warriors

22 November 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Join our global warriors as they discuss the battles waging within microscopic worlds and how multiple strategies can be used to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

QENDO x IMB: Why Research Endometriosis?

12 October 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
Join QENDO and IMB for a free online, lunchtime learning opportunity. Hear from experts and researchers as they talk about how we can ease the burden of endometriosis for patients and their families.

School Holiday fun at Brisbane Festival

22 September 2022 2:30pm4:00pm
Hop on over to the Brisbane Festival and join us for the IMB School Festival Program! We have a pipetting station, Soils for Science fun, a foldscope activity (and one you get to keep), as well as an opportunity for your little one to 'graduate'. No registration needed. See you there!
People viewing Ephemeral, an artwork of giant bubbles

Sip and Science | The Power of Now

18 September 2022 3:00pm4:00pm
Professor Ian Henderson joins Zara and Renzo from Atelier Sisu, creators of Ephemeral, as they discuss all things art and science. Tickets on sale now!
Patience Hodgson and Mark Blaskovich in banner for Sip and Science: Chemistry and Attraction

Sip and Science | Chemistry and Attraction

11 September 2022 3:00pm4:00pm
Join Patience Hodgson (former front-woman of The Greats and creator of Brisbane Festival 2022's Raise the Roof: LOVERPALOOZA) and Associate Professor Mark Blaskovich from The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience as they get down and flirty!

Honours Week - IMB Lab Tour

8 September 2022 3:00pm4:00pm
IMB are running tours as part of UQ's Science Honours and Postgraduate Study Week. To register, sign up for the in-person event and select 'Institute for Molecular Bioscience (tours) - Thursday 8 September 3pm.

Meet the Researchers: Our Chronic Defenders

6 September 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us to discover how our researchers are gathering knowledge and taking action to defend us against cancer, cardiovascular disease and neural tube defects.

Sip and Science | Light, Dark and Colour

4 September 2022 3:00pm4:00pm
Join us at Sip and Science at Brisbane Festival and hear from IMB Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Enakshi Sinniah and Geoff Cobham, Artistic Director of Patch Theatre Company (ZOOOM) as they discuss all things light, dark and full of colour. Hurry, tickets selling fast!
Ephemeral, an art installation


2 September 2022 12:00am24 September 2022 11:00pm
A free art installation by award-winning Atelier Sisu, located in the BOQ Festival Garden at South Bank.

Honours Week - Information Session

29 August 2022 8:00am2 September 2022 6:00pm
Are you a domestic or international undergraduate student who is considering an honours research program or postgraduate study at UQ? Join us for the Science Honours and Postgraduate Study Week, Monday 29 August to 2 September 2022, and discover the many research options available to you. Register for either the in-person or online event.
IMB Family Day

IMB Family Day: Tours, Talks and Junior Science Hub

7 August 2022 9:00am1:00pm
We are delighted to invite you to a very special event at IMB on the St Lucia campus. We are throwing our doors open for the day on Sunday 7 August so you can come and learn about science and IMB. The UQ campus will be buzzing because it’s Open Day so why not come and see what’s on offer at IMB?

Meet the Researchers: Fighting into the Future

21 June 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us on June 21, Global Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day, as our researchers share how they are fighting to change the future for MND patients.

UQ Early Career Researcher Symposium (Life Sciences)

17 May 2022 9:30am18 May 2022 4:30pm
A symposium for Early Career Researchers to share their research with talks and poster sessions.
HDR Training week 2022

Networking Event with IMB Group Leaders

14 April 2022 2:00pm3:30pm
A catered afternoon tea on the IMB Rooftop where you can network with IMB Group Leaders and discuss ideas and skills gained from your week of training.
HDR Training week 2022

Writing to Meet Expectations

14 April 2022 12:30pm2:00pm
Learn concepts and strategies for appraising and refining your own writing efforts. Understanding how to write for clarity, cohesion and the logical flow of information is a vital skill if you are to successfully meet your readers’ expectations.
HDR Training week 2022

Planning to Write

14 April 2022 10:00am11:30am
This hands-on workshop encourages you to explore writing from the reader’s perspective and help you communicate your research effectively.
HDR Training week 2022

Effective Time Management

13 April 2022 10:00am11:30am
Introduction to a range of strategies for effective time management that will help you with planning and managing your research degree and will be invaluable in the longer-term.
Alternative careers event

Alternative Careers Event

12 April 2022 1:30pm4:00pm
Hear from a panel of experts about successful pathways outside of academia, with an opportunity to network over afternoon tea.
HDR Training week 2022

Career strategy: Planning for your future

12 April 2022 10:00am12:00pm
This session will take you through the steps of making your own career strategy to start narrowing down your preferred career options and be strategic when choosing your professional development activities.
HDR Training week 2022

Networking with IMB Early and Mid Career Researchers (EMCR)

11 April 2022 11:30am2:00pm
Lunch on QBP Rooftop with IMB early and mid career researchers (EMCR) to discuss research integrity.
HDR Training week 2022

Research Integrity in HDR Training

11 April 2022 10:00am11:30am
Explanation of the basis of research integrity policies, the principal polices, advisors' and candidates' main obligations, and the key sources of support and guidance that are available.