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IMB researchers are using venom from many of our deadliest creatures to create medications that could lessen the impact of some of the world's deadliest diseases.

Animal venoms, which can incapacitate and even kill you, may seem like a strange place to hunt for new treatments for disease. But the venoms of creatures such as spiders, cone snails, scorpions, assassin bugs, centipedes and more, are complex chemical cocktails of molecules that affect our nervous system - exactly what is needed when developing treatments for neurological diseases and seeking to better understand how pain and other signals are transmitted.


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Did you know venom – a toxic substance injected by one animal into another – has evolved around 100 times?
Known by the First Peoples of K’gari (Fraser Island) as the ‘long-toothed spider’, the Fraser Island funnel-web may hold the key to some astounding medical breakthroughs.

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