Drugs and diagnostics for superbugs, viruses and cancer

Superbugs and Inflammation: halting their advance

Every week in Australia 170 people lose their life to bacterial infection. Drug-resistant bacteria are now taking lives at an astonishing rate, and too few scientists are tackling the problem. An epidemic is coming, and we are unprepared.

Diseases like breast cancer and prostate cancer have the world in pursuit, but bacterial sepsis is killing more people every week than prostate, breast cancer and car accidents combined.

Bacteria have been evolving, and some have become so advanced that they can now evade antibiotics altogether, leaving us defenseless to fight them. They are aptly named ‘superbugs’.

Professor Matt Cooper is part of a small contingent of scientists in the world working to prevent the impending crisis.

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Prof Matt Cooper

Professor Matthew Cooper

Director, IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions

Director, Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

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  • Professor Matt Cooper

    Director, IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions
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    Institute for Molecular Bioscience