Centre for Solar Biotechnology Facility

The advanced pilot-scale test facility, located at Pinjarra Hills, Brisbane, develops high-efficiency microalgae systems and processes for the production of high value products as well as bulk commodities.

These include foods, renewable fuels, advanced bioproducts and bioremediation.

Further capabilities within the facility include the following:


Strain purification


Nutrient optimisation

Light optimisation

Metabolomics and metabolic engineering

High value product development and screening

Photobioreactor and raceway system design

Technoeconomic analysis

Scale up

This pilot-scale test facility is currently being upgraded to include additional capabilities, such as:

  • improved containment and safety
  • enhanced systems
  • extensive equipment upgrades
  • new sterilisation facilities
  • PC2 laboratories.

For further information please contact Dr Evan Stephens e.stephens@imb.uq.edu.au




See Professor Hankamer's Google Scholar for relevant publications