Molecular Biodiscovery: learning from nature

Gatekeepers to the chemical diversity of the natural world

The chemical diversity of the natural world is a seemingly endless source of molecules with incredible utility.

Within the many plants, animals, and microbes that make up the living species on our planet, the solutions to the world’s many challenges await discovery.

Most drugs, as well as crop protection and animal health therapies, have originated in nature.

The Capon Group is the gatekeeper to this chemistry, making it available to those seeking to solve all manner of problems.

The Capon Group specialises in the detection, isolation, identification and evaluation of biologically active small molecules from nature. They are also experts in applying them to a biological purpose.

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Prof Rob Capon

Professor Rob Capon

Postgraduate Coordinator
Group Leader, Chemistry and Structural Biology Division
Investigator, Centre for Pain Research

  +61 7 3346 2979
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  Centre for Pain Research
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  Group Leader

  • Professor Rob Capon

    Group Leader, Chemistry and Structural Biology Division
    Professorial Research Fellow
    Institute for Molecular Bioscience