Growing Roads

Facilitating the integration of aesthetic, architectural microalgae production units into rapidly evolving roadscapes. Through replacing traditional noise barriers with eco-algae production facilities, this initiative will help to re-green our roads, reduce CO2 emissions, as well as open up new economic opportunities and sustainable services.

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The vision

The Growing Roads initiative is designed to advance cutting edge green technologies based on microalgae that can be integrated aesthetically into evolving transport infrastrucure.

Our vision is to re-green our cities to reduce CO2 emissions, open up new economic opportunities and sustainable services, offset infrastructure and vegetation management costs, and visually innovate rail and roadscapes.

The initiative

Imagine ‘growing roads’ in which old noise barriers are replaced with new eco-algae production facilities that re-green our roads and provide the jobs of the future. Imagine the integration of modular microalgae systems into transport infrastructure that filter the air and create asethetic city-scapes.

The Growing Roads initiative will facilitate the integration of aesthetic, architectural microalgae production units into rapidly evolving roadscapes which will not only reduce CO2 emissions, and eco-enhance projects, but can also produce an income stream, thereby reducing infrastructure and vegetation management costs.

Microalgae cells are rapidly growing microscopic solar driven ‘cell factories’ which can capture sunlight and CO2 in low grade water, producing O2, clean water and biomass. The latter can be used to derive valuable bio-products (e.g. renewable fuels, bio-plastics, green chemicals and bio-fertilisers).

The modular units for microalgae production being developed by the Centre for Solar Biotechnology are designed to be robust, economically scalable, automated, high-effi ciency systems. In addition to their productive use they can be crafted into visually striking ‘living art’ architectural designs that will attract visitors, locals, business and innovators.

The project is guided by robust techno-economic and life cycle analysis to ensure that production systems are feasible, durable, and sustainable.

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