Researcher biography

My group's research uses large-scale genomic data to address knowledge gaps in disease and health, with a particular focus on cardiovascular disease.

Research programme

1. Using genomic data to improve understanding, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. My research aims to:

· Improve our understanding of heart failure biology. From 2016-2020 I was the lead analyst for the HERMES Consortium, co-leading one of the largest genetic studies of heart failure at the time of publication

· Improve our understanding sex-specific cardiovascular risk

· Improve our understanding cardiovascular comorbidity, particular in psychiatric disorders

· Improve cardiovascular risk assessment in the Australian South Asian population. This pilot study is funded MRFF and aims to lay the foundations for closing the diversity gap in genomics research. See for further details.

2. Pharmacogenomics

· Using genomics to identify drug repurposing opportunities as well as identifying unknown adverse effects of medication

· Developing a genomics pipeline aimed at understanding the mechanism of action of new compounds to facilitate drug discovery.

3. Improving liver transplant outcomes

· Using genomics to understand the effect of normo-thermic perfusion (a new organ storage method) on liver function.

· Using genomics to improve prediction of short and long-term liver transplant outcomes

Career summary: I was awarded my PhD from University College London (UK) in cardiovascular genetics. I began my post-doctoral fellowship under the mentorship of Prof Peter Visscher at the Queensland Brain Institute in 2013. In 2018, I was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Researcher Fellowship to investigate the relationship between cardiovascular and brain-related disorders using large-scale genetic and genomic data, under the mentorship of Prof Naomi Wray. I currently hold a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship.

I am the recipient of:

2020 Genetic Society of Australasia Early Career Award

2020 Women in Technology Rising Star Science Award

2021/2022 Australian Superstar of STEM,

2022 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award

2022 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Award