This workshop has been written by Nicholas Condon and is available to all for use.

This workshop is designed for users who want to process and quantify images. It covers important topics for filtering and processing data, as well as particle detection, automatic selection generation and basic image calculations.

Intermediate FIJI Webinar


Topics Covered

  • Processing images for quantification (Filters, LUTS, Background Subtraction, math)
  • Thresholding (monochrome & colour thresholding)
  • Analysing Particles
  • Automatically detecting objects and storing them into ROIs
  • Finding Maxima
  • Image Calculations (for Masking & FRET)

Workshop Files

To access the exercise files please click on the following link. Here you can download the complete folder of data and PDFs of the workshop guides (167megabytes).

Intermediate FIJI data

This link requires you to enter the password: Microscopy