Imaris is a great program for visualising and processing 3D or 4D data-sets. It has the ability to render surfaces, detect and track objects & filaments, and to make animations suitable for talks and publications.

Keep up to date with Imaris on their Twitter Page.


  • Cupid VM
  • Hercules VM
  • Lucifer VM
  • Saturn VM
  • Andor Dragonfly (Lite Version)


Tutorial Documentation

Imaris 9.2 Full Reference Guide


Bitplane Online Modules:


Imaris webinar series:


Tutorial Videos

2020 IMB Imaris tutorials given by Arsene Chang can be viewed on the IMB Microscopy Youtube Channel.

The topics covered are:

  • Imaris Arena and opening files
  • Viewing in 2D and 3D
  • 3D rendering for visualization
  • 3D distance and angle measurements
  • Spots wizard and statistics
  • Volume wizard and statistics


The following tutorial videos from Youtube are based off of previous versions of the software, nevertheless the topics covered are very similar to how you could use the latest version of Imaris we have running on the Remote Desktop VMs.


Filament Tracer Automatic Detection - Imaris Tutorial

Imaris - Quick Animation

Imaris - Animation Extra #1