IMB Microscopy

The IMB Microscopy facility built in 2009 is a world-leading example of technology designed for discovery. It has continued to evolve, as have the questions it is set up to help answer. The facility has a significant and wide-ranging capability, with technology that is programmed specifically for the needs of the 30 research teams that utilise it. Researchers can perform multiple experiments within one facility, leaving no stone unturned.

Harnessing advances in technology to enhance our rate of discovery.

As technology progresses, microscopes are revealing information previously beyond our reach, shifting the scientific frontier. Higher clarity, faster speed, and longer observational windows allow for deeper probing into the fundamental processes that make things tick. It opens the door to new questions and ultimately, new discoveries.

The IMB Microscopy facility has an abundant equipment list, with the facility housing 25 high-end microscopes. For example, we have six point scanning confocal microscopes, a rare concentration for such complex equipment in one location.

Our Microscopy Facility is always evolving to remain at the forefront of scientific capability. We harness advances in technology to increase our rate of discovery.

The Lattice Light Sheet – clearer, faster, longer 

Leica STED 3X Super Resolution Microscope

Andor Dragonfly Spinning Disc Confocal with TIRF

Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal with Fast Airyscan Detector

Nikon SMZ18 Research Stereo Microscope

From the basics to the best and everything in between

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Cluster

Higher Capacity

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Dr James Springfield

Microscopy Facility Manager
Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Dr Nicholas Condon

Microscopy Research Officer
Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Mr Mark Scott

Senior Microscopist
Institute for Molecular Bioscience

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