Dr Nicholas Condon is a Senior Microscopist and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Scientist at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Microscopy Core Facility. He brings a wealth of experience in cell biology, advanced microscopy techniques and image analysis processes. He completed his PhD in 2018 in the lab of Professor Jennifer Stow, where he focused on macrophage cell biology, using novel live imaging techniques and bespoke analysis methods to explore cell surface behaviours in macrophage responses to various stimuli. Nicholas works collaboratively with research groups on a wide range of imaging and analysis projects across biological systems to improve and enhance their microscopy outputs.

Nicholas is well-versed in a range of microscopy techniques, including Lattice lightsheet, deconvolution, widefield, confocal, and live imaging light microscopy. He has developed numerous ImageJ/FIJI macros and scripts for characterizing cell surface features, protein enrichment & localisation, cell tracking, and numerous quantifications. Additionally he has developed many large scale workflows for image processing of lattice lightsheet data, high content screening for drug discovery, ecology animal vision analysis and mitochondrial visualisation and quantification.  In his current role, Nicholas collaborates with researchers across disciplines, providing expertise in experiment planning, fluorophore selection, microscope choices, and data analysis. Additionally, he plays a crucial role as a technologist, contributing to the planning and development of tools and high-performance computing infrastructure for managing and analysing large microscopy datasets. He has also overseen the development and deployment of the Image Processing Portal, a website-based GUI for high performance computer access and processing of microscopy. The IPP democratises the processing of large datasets that often span into the terabyte scale, with easy to use menus, intuitive design and wizard-like workflows.