Dr James Springfield

Microscopy Facility Manager​
  +61 7 334 62390


Dr Nicholas Condon

Research Officer, Microscopy​
  +61 7 334 62042


Dr Deborah Barkauskas

Senior Microscopist​
  +61 7 334 62042


Dr Mahdie Mollazade

Microscopy Officer
  +61 7 334 62042


Mailing address

ACRF Cancer Biology Imaging Facility
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Level 6N, 306 Carmody Road, Building 80
University of Queensland
4072, St Lucia,
Queensland, Australia


IMB internal Bookings

External users

Given the large amount of high-end systems housed and managed within the IMB Microscopy Facility, we highly encourage external users to come and use systems that may not be accessible through other sources, such as the Lattice Lightsheet, Dragonfly Spinning Disc, Leica STED Super-resolution with Falcon FLIM and others.

Hours of use for external users: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

Charged at an hourly rate - please contact a member of the Microscopy Facility Staff above to discuss further.