This workshop has been written by Nicholas Condon and is available to all for use.

This workshop provides a basic foundation to the open source image analysis program, FIJJ (FIJI Is Just ImageJ). It is intended for people who have never used the program before, or require a re-fresher on how to open images, merge channels, perform projections etc.


Topics Covered

  • Short background presentation on FIJI & why you should use it (Separate File)
  • Opening/Saving/Closing Images (.tifs and Bio-Formats compatible files)
  • Merging channels, and dealing with multiple channel images
  • Adjusting Brightness & Contrast and using histograms
  • Adjusting bit-depth
  • Adding scale to images & adding scale bars
  • Image Stacks (Montages, Projections, Re-Slicing, Orthogonal Views)
  • Basic Measurements (Area, Intensity, Shape descriptors, Line Scans)
  • Creating Selections (Manual, ROI Manager)
  • Overlays

Workshop Files

To access the exercise files please click on the following link to UQ-RDM. Here you can download the complete folder of data and PDFs of the workshop guides (673megabytes).

This link requires you to enter the password: Microscopy