Pint of Science Festival 2023

Have a thirst for discovering the science that is brewing in your own backyard? Join three IMB researchers at the Pint of Science Festival as they share their work finding new treatments for depression, growing medicines in plants, and using metals in medicines. 

Find more details below and register to attend at the Pint of Science Festival website.

Beneath the Surface of Skin and Medicines

24 May 2023 6:15pm8:00pm
We explore what lies on the surface and what’s underneath it. Our first speaker will let us in on the secret world of skin from a histological perspective, and our second speaker will tell us how metals are used in medicine today.

Drugs in a Cherry and Tissue Engineering

23 May 2023 6:30pm8:30pm
Hear about how plants are being engineered to manufacture important drugs, or how tissue engineering and computational modelling are helping us improve health outcomes in tendon tears.

Healing our Mind

22 May 2023 6:15pm8:30pm
Learn about how identifying changes in visual processing could be early indications of dementia, and how "molecular fingerprints" can help in the fight against depression.