Learn about how identifying changes in visual processing could be early indications of dementia, and how "molecular fingerprints" can help in the fight against depression.

Finding New Treatments for Depression

Jiayue-Clara Jiang (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Institute for Molecular Bioscience)

To find new treatments for depression, we look for drugs that have a similar molecular fingerprint to antidepressants. The ‘fingerprints’ are the gene expression changes that these drugs induce in human cells, and a high similarity in fingerprints may suggest similar pharmacological effects.

After completing her PhD on breast cancer genetics in 2021, Clara Jiang began working on using human genomics to understand diseases and find new treatments. Clara represented Australia in the 2022 Falling Walls Lab science competition in Berlin. She is an advocate for equity and diversity.

About Pint of Science Festival 2023

Have a thirst for discovering the science that is brewing in your own backyard? Join three IMB researchers at the Pint of Science Festival as they share their work finding new treatments for depression, growing medicines in plants, and using metals in medicines. 

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