We explore what lies on the surface and what’s underneath it. Our first speaker will let us in on the secret world of skin from a histological perspective, and our second speaker will tell us how metals are used in medicine today.

Bioinorganic Chemsitry: Metals in Medicine and More

Ms Lily Kenchington-Evans (PhD Candidate, University of Queensland, Institute for Molecular Bioscience)

Curious to learn how metals are used in medicine and in the body? The link between magnesium in plants and iron in haemoglobin? Wondered about carbon monoxide poisoning and the treatment for exposure, including blood transfusions? All will be explained, including some Molecular Orbital Theory!

Lily Kenchington-Evans is a PhD Candidate and Global Challenges Scholar working on an antimicrobial research project, designing and synthesizing antibiotic conjugates. Coming from the performing arts, Lily now takes to the scientific stage to showcase STEM with outreach activities.


About Pint of Science Festival 2023

Have a thirst for discovering the science that is brewing in your own backyard? Join three IMB researchers at the Pint of Science Festival as they share their work finding new treatments for depression, growing medicines in plants, and using metals in medicines. 

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