Hear about how plants are being engineered to manufacture important drugs, or how tissue engineering and computational modelling are helping us improve health outcomes in tendon tears.

Pharming for Future Therapeutics

Mr Maxim Harding (PhD Candidate, University of Queensland)

Imagine you live on Mars, and you need medicine. Maybe a vaccine, a pain killer, or even an antibiotic. Instead of your doctor giving you a needle or a pill they hand you a cherry tomato or peanut. This talk is on plant molecular pharming, growing drugs in plants.

Max Harding is passionate about translational science with societal benefit. He completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology with 1st Class Honours in 2021 and is now a PhD student at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland.

About Pint of Science Festival 2023

Have a thirst for discovering the science that is brewing in your own backyard? Join three IMB researchers at the Pint of Science Festival as they share their work finding new treatments for depression, growing medicines in plants, and using metals in medicines. 

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