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Researchers have discovered a fault in the bacteria-killing zinc pathway in immune cells in people with cystic fibrosis, and a potential way to get around it to reduce infections.
Researchers have discovered that 'bad' bacteria can't make cellulose on their cell surface, ultimately leading to severe disease.
The Critical Care Research Group has joined IMB to help accelerate translational research

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Our vision is a world free of disease, and our partners are an integral part of this vision. By joining together, we can co-design and deliver new and improved solutions to the problems that face humanity.

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What time should you go to bed?

Some of us love to be tucked up in bed by a particular time every night, and others go to bed when they start to feel tired, or when they’ve finally finished everything. What is the best time to go to bed and should we be aiming for that?

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We are tackling the problem of drug-resistant bacteria through developing new diagnostics and treatments, and by empowering the community with knowledge on how to fight back against the threat of superbugs.

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