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IMB Microscopy Facility Fair Use Policy

Equipment within the IMB Microscopy Facility (including the Cancer Biology Imaging Facility) is for the fair and equitable use of all IMB staff and students, as per the guidelines below.

Please remember to log-out when you are finished, You PAY for what you use.

•All users must first receive training by facility staff, before using any equipment unsupervised, however they may use the equipment at any time whilst under the fully supervised care of a trained user. The equipment must be booked in the supervisors name and all damage is their responsibility. Users are expected to maintain their competency through continued use of the equipment, if a user does not use equipment for a long period of time (~6 months) they may be expected to undergo assessment and/or re-training.

•All Equipment is to be left clean and tidy at the end of use; it is the users responsibility to report damage or contamination as soon as possible. This benefits everyone as it reduces damage by contamination, and thus reduces running costs, extends equipment life and preserves imaging quality.

•Do not store your valuable data on the PC hard drive, these drives are cleaned weekly so that the equipment can perform optimally. Use the Network connections (or alternatively the DVD/CD burner, or USB ports) to transfer your data as soon as your imaging is completed.

•All users must fill out the Useage log sheets next to the equipment computer after each session

•Users must reserve equipment on the bookings website before using any equipment. 

•Equipment use is charged at an hourly rate, as listed on this website.

•Users should always refer to facility staff and the PPMS booking website for up to date booking conditions, however general rules below will generally apply.

•Users may only use equipment up to the maximum length allowed on the bookings website (usually 3hrs), contiguous bookings are not allowed without prior approval from the facility manager, users must leave at least a 2hr gap between bookings made in advance. Only Confocal 1, Confocal 3, Nikon Live Imager, Zeiss Live Imager2, Lattice Lightsheet and Spinning Disc Microscopes are currently exempt from this rule.

•There is a 20hr limit/group/week for many scopes (visible on the booking page) during peak hours (8am-6pm), so that other users may use them as well. This limit may be exceeded if the booking is made less than 24 hours in advance on Confocals 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and 72 hours in advance on other microscopes. 

•Extended bookings for time-lapse experiments may begin at 3pm weekdays and extend until 11am the following morning. Alternatively, for longer experiments bookings may be made from 3pm Friday until 11am Monday.

•Off-peak use of the microscope facility equipment is available to experienced trained users (those with more than 10 hours peak hour use of the specific equipment) at a discounted hourly rate.

•Users may modify a reservation up to the start of the session.

•Users may delete a reservation up to 15 hours before the booking time-slot with no charge. However users who delete within 15 hours of the booking time-slot will be charged for the booking at 50% of the regular rate - up to a maximum of 3 hours. Users who have booked for longer than 3 hours will only be charged for 3 hours at 50% of the rate. 

•Users who cancel a long booking (>3 hours) MUST contact microscopy staff immediately to ensure that they pay only a maximum of 3 hours cancellation fee. If they cancel after hours, they MUST e-mail immediately.

•Cancelled booking charges may be partially or fully refunded, if another person uses some or all of the cancelled booking.

•Users who cancel Long Duration time-lapse bookings within 15 hours of the start time, should contact microscopy staff immediately after cancelling, to ensure they only pay a maximum of 3 hours cancellation fee.

•Users will be charged for a "no show" tutorial booking, or if they do not notify microscopy staff within 15 hours of the booking start time.

•Users will not be charged for their booking if the equipment is malfunctioning to the extent that they cannot capture images, or if the malfunction delays their image acquisition significantly. Users must contact facility staff immediately if this occurs.

•Sometimes equipment is left on overnight due to the last user of the day missing their booking. If you have a reservation, you are responsible for the equipment and must turn off any equipment left on by others for you to use. You will be charged for the hours logged if you do not turn the equipment off.

•Science is unpredictable. If you are unable to use your booking, please cancel your booking as soon as you know you can't use it, PPMS will automatically notify users of your cancellation. You will be billed for this reservation, unless you cancel more than 15 hours in advance, or someone else uses this time.

•The Facility Manager has the right to deny access to users who are deemed to be damaging or abusing equipment, or not competent in its use.  

•Users who damage equipment will be given one (1) warning, repeat offenders will be charged for any damages.

•All publications must acknowledge the facility and the ACRF, as well as facility staff where they have contributed to the work


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