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Pulling the pieces together to see the bigger picture and asking the burning questions.

The IMB nurtures an environment that fosters breakthrough science through collaboration, innovative ideas and taking calculated risk.

We push through the boundaries, go beyond the known, the safe and the normal, using cutting edge technologies to discover, transform and translate.


Research News

Our discoveries create change for the global health of our people and environment.

  • Two IMB researchers are among a group of 100 female scientists from around the world taking part in a year-long leadership scheme culminating in an Antarctic voyage.
  • Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience have revealed the genetic causes of neurological degeneration, which could be a key to slowing the progression of devastating diseases including cerebellar ataxias and neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Researchers have revealed how immune cells are prompted to release the protein interleukin-1beta, in a discovery that gives new insight into how our immune systems drives diseases such as auto-inflammatory diseases, arthritis and gout.