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The IMB nurtures an environment that fosters breakthrough science through collaboration, innovative ideas and taking calculated risk.

We push through the boundaries, go beyond the known, the safe and the normal, using cutting edge technologies to discover, transform and translate.


Research News

Our discoveries create change for the global health of our people and environment.

  • 90 seconds with PhD student Amy Chan
  • The Queensland Women in STEM Prize showcases inspiring early- to mid-career females working in STEM fields whose practice has the potential to benefit Queensland and who engage and communicate with the broader community. To vote for an IMB researcher for the People's Choice Award, and to check out how these young scientists are using life itself to change the world, please click on the images below to vote.
  • Venom researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have discovered the venom of the assassin bug is like no other venomous animal previously studied.