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Pulling the pieces together to see the bigger picture and asking the burning questions.

The IMB nurtures an environment that fosters breakthrough science through collaboration, innovative ideas and taking calculated risk.

We push through the boundaries, go beyond the known, the safe and the normal, using cutting edge technologies to discover, transform and translate.


Research News

Our discoveries create change for the global health of our people and environment.

  • A study that delves into the genes of over a million people has identified 124 genetic variants located on 99 separate regions of the genome associated with risky behaviour.
  • An ancient class of peptides which likely originated near the dawn of cellular life has been discovered by University of Queensland researchers in the venom of centipedes.
  • An IMB structural biologist and toxinologist studying molecules found in venom has been named a STEM superstar for inspiring women to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics