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Researcher biography

Dr Juliane Wolf obtained her Bachelor degree in Biotechnology-Bioprocess Engineering at the Anhalt University of Applied Science, Germany, in 2008 and completed her Master degree in Biotechnology-Molecular Biology at the Westaehlische Wilhelms Universitaet Muenster, Germany, in 2010. She went on to obtain her PhD at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) at The University of Queensland, Australia, in 2015, where she continued as a postdoctoral researcher. She took a researcher career break from 2018-20 to look after her children and work as an international industry consultant.

Dr Juliane Wolf is a microalgae specialist and manages the Centre for Solar Biotechnology (CSB) Pilot Plant. Her research focus is on the development of high-efficiency microalgae production systems and automated robotic screening systems. Her work has played an integral role in the establishment of the Centre for Solar Biotechnology (CSB) for wich she provides scientific expertise in bioprocess engineering (bioreactor scale up and operation, process design and development), biology (bio-prospecting, optimisation of culturing and production conditions, physiology) and biochemistry (proteomics and molecular biology). Her research drives the development of high-throughput screening assays for the optimisation of nutrients, light and temperature which are critical to the production of photosynthetic microorganisms. More recently her projects focus on the integration of microalgae biotechnologies into industries that support a circular bioeconomy by building new comprehensive techno-economic and life-cycle analysis platforms.