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Ever since the first cases of COVID-19 became public in late 2019, there has been a life-or-death race involving the global scientific community. This race is not against each other, but a race to learn how we can defeat the SARS-CoV-2 virus as quickly as possible.

Better ways to detect, test and diagnose the virus are needed now. We must understand how the virus spreads, why it affects different people in different ways, and find better treatments for those severely affected.

As a global leader in multidisciplinary life sciences research, IMB brings together 250 researchers from across the globe to help solve some of the world’s greatest health and environmental challenges. We are already making significant inroads to answer many of these questions about COVID-19.

To continue and accelerate our work in this and other important areas, we need your support.  

Webinar: COVID-19


COVID-19 webinar highlights with Dr Larisa Labzin


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