Higher Degrees by Research (PhD/MPhil)

Higher Degrees by Research (PhD/MPhil)

The PhD and MPhil degrees, also known as Higher Degrees by Research (HDR), allow you to undertake an extensive original research project, which is guided by one of our experienced researchers. These degrees foster the skills you need to develop, conduct and communicate the results of a unique scientific research topic. A research degree also equips you with transferable skills such as leadership, project management, communication, critical thinking and teamwork, which allow you to secure positions not only in research and academia, but also in industry and government roles.  

Why choose IMB?

At IMB, you will be surrounded by world-renowned, brilliant thinkers who are at the cutting edge of research. You have access to first class facilities that allow you to ask and answer the big questions. You will benefit from a collegial, supportive advisory team where professional development and entrepreneurship are encouraged and fostered. Finally, as an IMB student, you will be supported with a thriving and welcoming social environment led by our student leaders through SIMBA.

What will you study?

The first step is knowing what you want to study, and fortunately, undertaking a HDR degree provides you with that unique opportunity to study whatever it is you are most passionate about.

The second step is linking up with a researcher that shares that passion. Explore our research via our centres below:

Centre for Cell Biology of Chronic Disease   Centre for Drug Discovery   Centre for Superbug Solutions   Centre for Population and Disease Genomics  

Potential HDRs are encouraged to reach out to our researchers to start this connection. When contacting them, please send them your idea for a potential research topic, your academic CV and transcript(s).

Not sure where your passions currently lie? Have a look at the pre-defined, available projects from each of our Researchers.

What scholarship support is available?

There are three major scholarship schemes to support you while undertaking your study:

  1. Graduate School Scholarship: this scholarship covers tuition and provides ~$29K a year for living expenses
  2. Earmarked Scholarship: join an existing project linked to IMB’s ground-breaking research. This scholarship covers tuition and provides ~$29K a year for living expenses
  3. Global Challenges PhD Scholarship: become a part of a research cohort to tackle the challenges of Chronic Disease and Drug Discovery. This scholarship covers tuition fees and provides $37.5K a year for living expenses

How do I start my HDR degree?

  1. Review the entry requirements of the program here
  2. Secure the support of a IMB researcher
  3. Decide which scholarship you wish to apply for and familiarise yourself with its deadlines and conditions
  4. Submit an application here