Microscope objectives are very expensive and require daily cleaning (with each use) and more thorough cleaning (performed by facility staff; on a frequent basis).

Cleaning objectives after each use only requires lens tissue (without any solvents). The recommended IMB cleaning method involves using a single lens close, taking a single motion across the objective, followed by folding it in half, and wiping again to remove any residual oil.


  • When cleaning objectives, be careful not to touch the lens tissue with your fingers (except for around the edges of the tissue) as oils on your fingers can be transferred onto the objective. Instead fold the tissue over from where you touched, to where you will wipe again.
  • Press gently with one finger as you wipe the lens tissue across the front of the objective.
  • Only use the supplied lens tissue, not Kim-wipes or tissues (as these can scratch and damage the lens)
  • Never use any solvents (such as ethanol) on the objectives