Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree allows you to undertake an extensive original research project, guided by an experienced researcher. A PhD fosters the skills you need to develop, conduct and communicate the results of a scientific research program. A PhD also equips you with transferable skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking and teamwork. These skills allow IMB PhD graduates to secure positions not only in research and academia, but also in industry and government roles.  

Why choose IMB for a PhD?

At IMB, you are surrounded by brilliant thinkers dedicated to research, who enjoy the respect of their peers around the globe. You have access to world-leading facilities that allow you to ask and answer the big questions. You benefit from a collegial, supportive environment where translation and entrepreneurship are encouraged and fostered. Finally, you can have a lot of fun as an IMB student!

How long does it take?

A PhD at IMB usually takes between 3.5 and 4 years full-time to complete. There is no mandatory coursework for PhDs and you will start your research project as soon as you commence study.

What assessment is required?

There are three milestones you need to achieve to successfully complete a UQ PhD:

  • Confirmation - 12 months after commencement
  • Mid-candidature - 24 months after commencement
  • Thesis Review - 36 months after commencement

The milestones provide you with an opportunity to articulate your research to colleagues and receive feedback and guidance.

How much does it cost?

Domestic students can complete a PhD without charge, as four-year tuition fee scholarships are available for all domestic students, including Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens. 

International students are charged a fee of A$35,520 per year in 2017. Scholarships are available to cover international tuition fees.

Scholarships to cover costs of living are available for both domestic and international students.