Dr Nefzger is currently a group leader in the Division of Cell Biology and Imaging at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. He has published in numerous leading journals including 10 first and 6 corresponding author publications in renowned journals like Nature Methods, Cell Reports, Cell Stem Cells, Stem Cell Reports, Stem Cells and Stem Cell Research. Middle author publications in journals include Cell, Nature Immunology, Nature Genetics, Cell Stem Cells, Molecular Cell, Nature Communications, Immunity, EMBO Journal, eLIFE and Stem Cells.

Significance and international reach of his work is evidenced by 30 papers with >1,200 citations across 51 countries and 6 subject fields. Media uptake, both nationally and internationally (e.g. Scimex, ScienceDaily, EurekaAlert for Nefzger et al., Cell Reports, 2017 & Liu and Nefzger et al., Nature Methods, 2017), demonstrates broad public outreach of his work. National and international recognition is reflected from presentations at prestigious conferences (e.g. ISSCR, Cell Press Conference on Ageing and Metabolism, ASSCR, ComBio) and invited institutional presentations (e.g. University of Ulm, Germany; Duke NUS, Singapore).

His research helped shape the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms underpinning cellular reprogramming (Nefzger et al. Cell Reports, 2017, Liu and Nefzger et al. Nat Methods 2017, Knaupp et al, CSC 2017, Polo et al., Cell 2012) and established novel guided cell fate transitions using transcription factors (Liu and Nefzger et al. Nat Methods 2017, Rackham et al., Nat Genetics 2016, Nefzger et al. Stem Cells 2011, Nefzger et al. Stem Cells, 2012). He has received research funding from the NHMRC, the University of Queensland and Monash University.