We aim to discover what causes vessels to grow abnormally and leak in diseases such as diabetes, cancer and atherosclerosis

The research within the Vessel Dynamics lab is focused on the formation and maintenance of the blood and lymphatic vascular systems.

Vessels form complex branched networks that supply oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues.

The signals controlling blood vessel expansion, identity and migration are all downstream of a single, common complex at the cell surface, yet exactly how this diverse range of functions is differentially regulated, depending on the physiological need, remains unknown.

The specific focus of our research is to determine the precise molecular signals that control endothelial cell interactions within the vessel wall and the surrounding environment.

If the signals controlling cell adhesion become deregulated, normal vessel growth and function is lost.

This contributes to the progression of a wide range of human diseases, including cancer growth and metastasis, diabetic eye disease, stroke and atherosclerosis.

Group leader

Dr Emma Gordon

Dr Emma Gordon

Group Leader, Dynamic control of vascular growth and function

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There is a gap in our knowledge about how the environment surrounding vessels mediates mechanisms within the cells of the vessel wall to guide vessel behaviour. Our lab aims to identify the signals connecting the extracellular and intracellular environments, and how these go wrong to induce pathological vascular growth and leakage. We hope that our work will identify new pathways and novel targets to prevent vascular dysfunction in disease.

The Vessel Dynamics lab is a multicultural, supportive group of postdocs, research assistants and students. We are passionate about everything to do with vessels, and investigating how they malfunction in a range of diseases. In addition to our love of vascular biology, we enjoy celebrating any awards, grants or milestones that lab members achieve. Dr Gordon is a UQ Ally, and supports the diversity of sexuality, sex and gender at UQ, and we pride ourselves on being inclusive for all members of the community.