Combinatorial chemistry and molecular design

Translating discoveries into medicines 

Scientists across the globe are searching for information that could help develop treatments for diseases because they are desperately needed.

In the next five years, there will be a 56% increase in chronic disease, which will put an enormous strain on the health care system.

But for discoveries to become drugs, they must be commercially viable. Translating discoveries into drugs is difficult, and most discoveries never get there.

Associate Professor Mark Smythe has dedicated his career to developing medicines for patients by translating chemistry into high-value medicine. And he’s very good at it.


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A/Prof Mark Smythe

Associate Professor Mark Smythe

Group Leader, Chemistry and Structural Biology Division

Investigator, Centre for Pain Research

Investigator, Centre for Superbug solutions

  +61 7 3346 2977
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  Centre for Superbug Solutions
  Centre for Pain Research

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