• Growing Roads

    Facilitating the integration of aesthetic, architectural microalgae production units into rapidly evolving roadscapes.
  • Functional Foods

    Delivering enhanced human nutrition options in the food and health industries.
  • Solar Fuels

    Developing advanced microalgae systems that use solar energy and CO2 to produce crude oil, biodiesel, jet fuel, ethanol, methane and hydrogen.
  • Integrated Bioeconomy Project

    Creating robust and economic greenhouse systems—­that can be integrated with existing field production—to enhance productivity, resilience, resource efficiency and sustainability.
  • Protein Therapeutics

    Using microalgae to produce high-value designer proteins, such as protein therapeutics, vaccines, antibody therapies, industrial enzymes and novel biomaterials.
  • GreenSmart Cities

    Integrating modular microalgae systems into buildings and urban infrastructure to create eco-cityscapes.
  • Clean Water

    Integrating microalgae technologies into innovative and sustainable land management practices, to improve water quality, soil biology, crop health and fertiliser efficiency.
  • Aquaculture and Livestock Feeds

    Delivering innovative microalgae functional feeds to better meet the increasing needs of the aquaculture and livestock industries.

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