Advancing biofuel production and nature-inspired design

By 2050, it is predicted that the world will need 50 per cent more fuel, 70 per cent more food, and 50 per cent more fresh water to sustain a growing population.

IMB researchers are developing a solution that could deliver on all these needs.

Microalgae, typically found in freshwater and marine systems, can convert sunlight, CO2 and water into energy to produce food, biofuels and other high value products, such as vaccines.

Microalgae systems can be located on non-arable land and use saline or polluted water, reducing competition for scarce agricultural land and freshwater supplies.

Microalgae are a very promising solution to an urgent problem, but further development is needed to make algae systems more efficient and reduce the costs of producing biofuels.

We can’t wait until 2050 to act—we need to develop the solutions now that will sustain our future.

With your help, the IMB Solar Biofuels Research Centre can put more resources into optimising algae systems and reducing the cost of biofuels, bringing a sustainable, algae-powered future into reach. 

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