Young immunologist receives coveted award for inflammation research

28 Oct 2014

UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience Lab Head Dr Kate Schroder has been awarded the Milstein Young Investigator award for her outstanding contributions to basic immunology research at the annual International Cytokine and Interferon Society meeting held in Melbourne this week.

“I feel honoured to be recognised for my research into the pathways of inflammation, and I hope to discover much more about our immune system in the future,” Dr Schroder said.

Seymour Milstein M.D. and his wife Vivian established the Milstein awards to foster interferon and cytokine research in the hope of developing new treatments for disease.

Interferons and cytokines are part of the arsenal used by our immune system in the battle against viruses, bacteria, parasites or tumor cells.

Dr Kate Schroder, an ARC Future Fellow, heads the Inflammasome Laboratory at IMB and is fascinated by how cytokines are released during infection and inflammatory disease.

“My research focuses on inflammasomes, which is a high-tech communication system that coordinates inflammatory responses by triggering production of cytokines,” Dr Schroder said.

By studying the inflammasome, Dr Schroder is able to look at the good and the bad side of inflammation; how it can protect the body from infection but also form the basis of many human diseases.

She recently revealed that inflammasomes can work differently depending on the immune cell type, a finding that may lead to better treatments for sufferers of inflammatory disease.

“We are extremely proud of the discoveries made by our young research leaders like Kate, and we are excited by the opportunity to translate this new knowledge into outcomes for the community,” Professor Jenny Stow, IMB Deputy Director Research, said.

“Kate is at the forefront of cytokine research and we congratulate her on this award.”

IMB wishes to thank the Milstein family for their generous gift and continued support of young investigators and basic science.

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