Supporting student scholarships at IMB

Just imagine the satisfaction of helping a brilliant young student achieve their dreams to become a world-class researcher.

IMB is a magnet for brilliant young honours and research higher degree students from Australia and around the world, with our student cohort having members from over 30 countries. It is imperative that we provide them with the best opportunity and training to become Australia’s research leaders and science entrepreneurs of the future.  

Please donate to the IMB Advancement Awards, which provide PhD scholarship top-up funding to kick-start the research projects of our most impressive young students.

Donate now to fund student scholarships at IMB

If you are an individual, foundation or corporation who would prefer to establish a prestigious, named scholarship or provide funding to enable international students to complete their PhD studies at IMB, please contact Director of Advancement, Kamyra Laurenson, on +61 7 3346 2185 or