Protein trafficking and inflammation

The cells and cytokines of inflammation, where control is everything. 

Inflammation is the 21st century epidemic, with a growing impact across chronic diseases prevalent in our societies. 

Aberrant control of inflammatory cells and cytokines is a key factor in rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease and chronic pulmonary, vascular and liver diseases and in cancer. 

 “We aim to understand the cellular processes that regulate inflammatory cytokines and find ways we can intervene in order to ameliorate inflammation in chronic disease,” said Group Leader Professor Jennifer Stow.

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Engagement and impact

Professor Jennifer Stow is currently Deputy Director (Research) IMB and a member of the IMB Centre for Inflammation and Disease Research, which aims to find novel strategies and treatments to address the rising tide of inflammation affecting many millions of people and ageing populations around the world with chronic disease.

The Centre partners with clinicians and industry and engages with public groups to research inflammation in liver and bowel diseases, chronic pulmonary disease and neurodegenerative diseases. Inflammation as a key element in cancer and infectious diseases is also addressed by our research. 

Our research is generating new leads and target molecules for developing drugs and for repurposing existing drugs. Our findings are published in high-level journals, delivered at conferences and advanced in collaboration with groups around Australia and the world.  

Partners and collaborators

We are a core member group of the IMB Centre for Inflammation and Diseases Research, collaborating with the groups of:

  • Professor Matt Sweet, immunology
  • Associate Professor Kate Schroder, immunology
  • Professor David Fairlie, drug development
  • Dr Joseph Powell, genomics
  • and CIDR affiliated clinicians, other research groups and industry partners.

At IMB we also collaborate with:

  • Associate Professor Brett Collins, structural biology
  • Dr Nicholas Hamilton, mathematics, bigdata image analysis

Our group is a member of the UQ-based Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre for collaborations involving host-pathogen interactions.

For imaging and microscopy we work with:

  • UQ’s Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
  • UQ Research Computing Centre
  • HHMI Advanced Imaging Centre, Janelia Research Campus, USA
  • BioImaging Analyst Network in Australia.

We collaborate with cell biology and immunology groups around the world in the USA, Germany, Japan, UK and Chile.




Prof Jenny Stow

Professor Jenny Stow

Professorial Research Fellow
Deputy Director (Research)
Institute for Molecular Bioscience

  +61 7 3346 2110
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  Centre for Inflammation and Disease Research

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