We specialise in the detection, isolation, identification and evaluation of biologically active small molecules from Nature (natural products). The aim of this research is to acquire knowledge of the chemical and biological properties of natural products, including how and why they are made, and to use this knowledge to better understand living systems, and inspire innovative solutions for important scientific and societal challenges. Natural products uncovered during our investigations represent valuable new leads in the search for drugs in the fields of human and animal health, as well as crop and environmental protection (eg new antibiotics and antiparasitics, and pest control solutions). They also have potential application as molecular probes to better interrogate, understand and manage living systems.

Traineeships, honours and PhD projects include

  • Marine biodiscovery
  • Microbial biodiscovery
  • Chemical communication in Nature
  • Cane toad chemical ecology

Project members

Group Leader

Professor Rob Capon

Professorial Research Fellow - GL
Institute for Molecular Bioscience