Researcher biography

Junxian Lim (PhD, MRSB) is a molecular biologist at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. He has extensive experience in cell biology, protein biochemistry and pharmacology, and has collaborated with numerous researchers in Australia (UQ, TRI, Mater Research, QUT, USQ) and international industry partners (AstraZeneca, Sosei Heptares).

During his PhD, he authored 7 studies on novel bioactive inhibitors targeting immune cells and inflammatory diseases. Since then, he has developed and characterised various protein and cellular assays to study immunity and inflammation in order to facilitate drug development. He has published in multidisciplinary areas (e.g. Nat Commun, J Am Chem Soc, Diabetes, J Med Chem and Br J Pharmacol) and 2 patents in experimental drugs. He has supervised or co-supervised 2 completed PhD students, 4 completed Master students and 1 completed Honours student. All of his former students are still actively involved in research around the world (Australia, Singapore, Korea, India, Japan, China). He is also an editorial board member of the Front Mol Biosci, Biology and J Transl Med.