Researcher biography

Ellen Williamson achieved her Bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences (1st Class Honours) from Edinburgh University in 2016. During her time at Edinburgh University, she also completed a one-year industrial placement sponsored by the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance at Abbott Diagnostics (formerly Axis-Shield Diagnostics). Following her graduation, she took up a full-time position with Abbott Diagnostics as a Research and Development Scientist, working on high throughput, in vitro blood based biomarkers. In 2020, Ellen completed her Master of Research in Biosciences from Swansea University, investigating biomedical applications of microalgae products in a circular economy. On completion of her Masters, she returned to Abbott Diagnostics as a Product Support Investigator before starting her PhD in 2021.

Ellen is currently working on a joint PhD between the University of Queensland and the University of Exeter (QUEX Institute). This collaboration allows her to undertake multidisciplinary research into the use of microalgae as a bulk source of protein in human nutrition.