Researcher biography

Dr Fernanda Cardoso completed her MSc in Molecular Pharmacology and PhD in Immunology. In 2008 Dr Cardoso joined the Queensland Institute for Medical Research holding a prestigious CAPES Postdoctoral Fellowship. She developed unique HTS platforms to identify membrane surface proteins and peptides for novel therapies to combat infectious diseases. In 2011, Dr Cardoso moved to the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at UQ to develop therapies for complex neurological diseases. Her background in drug discovery, design and development, and her interdisciplinary training in the fields of pharmacology, immunology, and neuroscience provide her with the skills needed to develop highly potent bioactive molecules and to study their effects in human physiology with applications in neurologic disorders such as chronic pain, IBS and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr Cardoso is currently part of the Chemistry and Structural Biology Division and manages a number of industry and academia projects studying ion channels modulators derived from bioactive natural molecules for the development of novel effective drugs.