Congratulations to our previous IMB Impact Awards nominees and winners. 

2019 Awards

IMB Impact Award - Teamwork

  • Dr Nicholas Condon 
  • Dr Stephen Earl 
  • Dr Annie Kan - Winner (Individual)
  • Dr Ian Ross 
  • Montanna Wright 
  • Dr Zhili Zheng 
  • Bronwyn Adams - Commendation
  • Program in Complex Trait Genomics - Professor Peter Visscher, Professor Naomi Wray, Professor Jian Yang
  • Dr Claudia Stocks, Jessica Von Pein, Dr Ronan Kapetanovic, Dr Divya Ramnath - Winner (Team)
  • Advancement team - Kamyra Laurenson, Marlin Othman, Ashleigh Simon, Jessica Court
  • Dr Angelia Salim & Professor Rob Capon
  • Dr Angela Salim & Dr Huy Zhang

IMB Impact Award - Innovation

  • Dr Mark Blaskovich 
  • Dr Nicholas Condon 
  • Dr Laura Genovesi
  • Dr Anjali Henders - Winner (Individual)
  • Dr Ian Ross 
  • Dr James Springfield
  • Dr Jian Zeng 
  • MAIT cell chemistry team - Dr Ligong Liu, Dr Jeffrey Mak, Professor David Fairlie - Commendation
  • Advancement team - Kamyra Laurenson, Marlin Othman, Ashleigh Simon, Jessica Court - Winner (Team)
  • Research Partnerships team - Dr Jodi Li, Dr Christine Davis
  • Sanjaya KC, Mark Blaskovich, Lachlan Coin, Tania Duarte, Rhiannon Bolton, Miranda Pitt, Matt Cooper
  • Program in Complex Trait Genomics
  • Kristie Barclay & Sue Allen

IMB Impact Award - Leadership

  • Dr Mark Blaskovich (Cooper group)
  • Professor Rob Capon
  • Professor David Craik - Winner (Individual)
  • Professor David Fairlie 
  • Dr Anjali Henders
  • Dr Ronan Kapetanovic
  • Kamyra Laurenson
  • Dr Emma Livingstone 
  • Dr Allan McRae - Commendation
  • Dr Divya Ramnath
  • Jiahui Tng 
  • Professor Brandon Wainwright 
  • Dr Conan Wang 
  • Professor Naomi Wray
  • Professor Peter Visscher, Professor Naomi Wray, Professor Jian Yang - Winner (Team)

IMB Impact Award - Service

  • Sue Allen 
  • Chris Barnett 
  • Dr Nick Condon
  • Christian De Marco 
  • Tania Duarte 
  • Dr Christine Fraser 
  • Rachel Heathwood 
  • Dr Anjali Henders
  • Dr Huy Hoang 
  • Jason Hurst 
  • Alun Jones - Winner (Individual)
  • Dr Annie Kan 
  • Professor Glenn King 
  • Dr Gordon King 
  • Daryl Millar
  • Thomas Patterson 
  • Dr Divya Ramnath 
  • Tim Scott 
  • Dr Zhili Zheng - Commendation
  • QBP Store team - Commendation
  • IMB IT team
  • IMB Executive Support - Deb Gwynne & Sue Allen
  • Institutes Finance team - Winner (Team)
  • QBP Reception team - Sue Schampers, Deirdre Timo, Joseph Garrett, Wendy How

IMB Impact Award - Culture

  • Dr Marija Kojic 
  • Dominique McConnachie - Commendation
  • Professor Kate Schroder - Winner (Individual)
  • Huanwei Wang
  • Dr Bruce Wyse
  • SIMBA Executive & Committee - Winner (Team)
  • Sweet group
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee - Kate Schroder, Bruce Wyse, Matt Sweet, Bronwyn Adams, Ronan Kapetanovic, Irina Vetter, Fernanda Caldas Cardoso, Mercedes Monteleone, Emma Livingstone, Caroline Holley

2018 Awards

IMB Impact Award - Teamwork

  • Aowei Campanu
  • Craik Group
  • EMCRA Committee - Winner (Team)
  • Caroline Holley
  • IMB Floor Managers
  • IMB Soccer Team - Commendation
  • Dr Ronan Kapetanovic
  • Dr Annie Kan
  • SIMBA Executive
  • Sweet Group - Commendation
  • Professor Alpha Yap - Winner (Individual)

IMB Impact Award - Innovation

  • Sue Allen - Winner (Individual)
  • Professor Rob Capon
  • Dr Mat Francois & Alex McCann
  • Dr Nick Hamilton, IMB Microscopy Team, IMB IT team - Winner (Team)
  • Human Studies Unit - Commendation
  • IMB Microscopy Team
  • Dr Sanjaya KC
  • King Group
  • Dr Conan Wang, Professor David Craik, Dr Angeline Chan, Kuok Yap

IMB Impact Award - Leadership

  • Professor Rob Capon
  • Professor David Craik
  • Dr Ronan Kapetanovic - Commendation
  • Dr Marija Kojic
  • Emma Livingstone - Joint Winner (Individual)
  • Associate Professor Kate Schroder - Joint Winner (Individual)
  • Leanne Wallace and Dr Anjali Henders

IMB Impact Award - Service

  • Professor Rob Capon - Commendation
  • Dr Amanda Carozzi
  • Olivier Cheneval
  • Dr Nick Condon
  • Christian De Marco
  • Calvin Evans - Joint Winner (Individual)
  • Dr Huy Hoang, Dr Angela Salim, Dr Robert Reid
  • Gail Howard
  • IMB Communications Team
  • IMB Floor Managers - Winner (Team)
  • IMB Stores - Commendation
  • Organising Committee for Brisbane Pain Symposium - Commendation
  • Dr Divya Ramnath
  • Leigh Rose - Commendation
  • Timothy Scott
  • Elena Semiryazhko - Joint Winner (Individual)
  • Dr Patricia Walden

2017 Awards


  • Anne Lagendijk (Hogan group) - Winner (Individual)
  • Bronwyn Smithies (Craik group)
  • Bronwyn Smithies (Craik group) & Emma Livingstone (Collins group)
  • Craik group
  • David Edwards (Cooper group)
  • IMB IT Team
  • IMB Postgraduate Team - Commendation
  • James Curson (Sweet group)
  • James Rae and Charles Ferguson (Electron Microscopy Team - Parton group)
  • Lucinda Essery (Professional staff)
  • QEDDI team
  • SIMBA Executive - 2017 SIMBA Executive (Team)
  • Stephen Earl (UniQuest)
  • Zeinab Khalil and Angela Salim (Capon group)


  • Anjali Henders (Wray/Visscher/Yang group)
  • Anne Lagendijk (Hogan group)
  • Brett Collins
  • Craik group - Winner (Team)
  • IMB Comms team - Commendation (Team)
  • IMB Microscopy Committee
  • Jenny Stow - Winner (Individual)
  • Jenny Stow & Nick Condon
  • Jeroen Overman (Francois group), Frank Fontaine (Francois group), Johannes Zuegg (Cooper group), Avril Robertson (Cooper group), Angela Salim (Capon group), Sreeman Mamidyala (Cooper group), Mark Butler (Cooper group), Emmanuelle Lesieur, Wayne Johnston (Alexandrov group), Kirill Alexandrov, Ben Hogan, Rob Capon, Tim Bailey, Peter Koopman, Matt Cooper and Mat Francois
  • Marwa Hassan (Cooper group)
  • Nick Hamilton - Commendation (Individual)
  • Program in Complex Traits Genomics team
  • Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections (SDRI 2017) conference organising team - Ruth Neale, Mark Blaskovich, Matt Cooper, Emma Ceccato, Mathilde Desselle (all Cooper group)
  • Vancapticin antibiotic development team - Mark Blaskovich, Karl Hansford, Mark Butler, Craig Muldoon, Johnny Huang, Soumya Ramu, Alberto Silva, Mu Cheng, Angela Kavanagh, Zyta Ziora, Rajaratnam Premraj, Fredrik Lindahl, Tanya Bradford, June Lee, Tomislav Karoli, Ruby Pelingon, David Edwards, Maite Amado, Alysha Elliott, Wanida Phetsang, Noor Huda Daud, Johan Deecke, Sefetogi Ramaologa, Johannes Zuegg and Matthew Cooper (all Cooper group)
  • Zheling Cui (Alexandrov group)


  • Alpha Yap
  • Avril Robertson (Cooper group) - Winner
  • Ben Hankamer
  • Ben Hogan
  • Carol Wicking - Commendation
  • Dave Boucher (Schroder group) - Commendation
  • Emma Livingstone (Collins group)
  • Ian Ross (Hankamer group)
  • Irina Vetter
  • Jenny Stow
  • Kate Schroder
  • Lachlan Coin
  • Mark Ragan
  • Ronan Kapetanovic (Sweet group)


  • Alun Jones (Professional staff)
  • Amanda Carozzi (Professional staff) - Winner (Individual)
  • Christian De Marco (Professional staff)
  • Cody Mudgway (Professional staff)
  • CSF and Workshop staff
  • Divya Ramnath (Sweet group)
  • Donna Easton (Professional staff)
  • Gary Carloss (Professional staff)
  • Gus McKenzie (Professional staff)
  • IT team 
  • Jannah Bauer and Rebecca Mills (Professional staff)
  • Joanna Crawford (Simons group)
  • Katrina Garner-Moore (Professional staff)
  • Lucinda Essery (Professional staff)
  • Lanna Wong (Ragan group)
  • Nick Condon (Professional staff)
  • Postgraduate team (Rob Capon, Amanda Carozzi, Cody Mudgway & Olga Chaourova)
  • Sanjay Sundarlal (Professional staff)
  • Sue Allen (Professional staff)
  • Workshop team - Winner (Team)

2016 Awards

IMB Impact Award for Collaboration and Teamwork

This award recognises IMB staff members and students who are committed to working together towards a common goal, who share responsibility, reflect on and learn from each other’s experience and hold themselves mutually accountable.

  • CO-ADD (team)

"The CO-ADD team manages 200 research collaborations in 35 countries. At all times, the team demonstrates outstanding skills in fostering communication, coordination and international cooperation."

  • Minh Duc Cao

"Minh was instrumental in fostering a productive collaboration with Cooper Group, which created positive project and team outcomes."

  • Guillermo Gomez (2016 winner)

"Guillermo is always incredibly accommodating, patient and generous with his time. In his role as a Science Ambassador he is always willing to help and supports the admin team as well as his peers. He shows initiative and is a great team player. Guillermo epitomises the spirit of collaboration and teamwork in a research environment as he engages in fruitful collaborations with members of his lab as well as labs from other disciplines. Anyone who has worked directly with him will testify to his commitment, hard work and generous nature."

  • Nick Hamilton

"Nick has an active interest in providing professional development opportunities for the IMB student body. He also provides useful training to our students, extending their skillsets beyond their immediate research projects and scientific disciplines."

  • Joseph Powell

"Joseph has brought single cell RNA-sequencing capabilities to IMB and works collaboratively with many groups to carry out studies that will help facilitate our competitiveness in grant funding and high-impact publications."

  • SIMBA Committee (team)

"The SIMBA Committee improves our sense of community at IMB and facilitates connections between researchers."


IMB Impact Award for Discovery and Innovation

This award recognises IMB staff members and students who are involved in a significant new research discovery or the implementation of innovative, effective practices or initiatives.

  • Lachlan Coin

"Lachlan discovered a biomarker that has the potential to diagnose childhood diseases, including lupus and juvenile arthritis."

  • King Group (team) (2016 winners)

"The King group has developed a novel pharmacological approach to protecting brain function after stroke. Their studies have identified a drug that blocks the acid sensing ion channels in the brain, which has the potential to revolutionise our treatment of stroke because it can reduce brain damage even hours after the stroke." 


IMB Impact Award for Leadership and Mentorship

This award recognises IMB staff members and students who have a positive and ongoing influence on their colleagues and create a harmonious work environment. 

  • Alysha Elliott

"Alysha inspires confidence in our team and our ability to achieve our goals."

  • Avril Robertson

"Avril supports her students and encourages them to do their best. Her students are able to grow their confidence and skills under her mentorship."

  • Claudia Stocks

"SIMBA events under Claudia's guidance have provided opportunities for student to interact and relax outside of the lab."

  • David Craik

"David treats us with respect and values our opinions. He is always approachable and works hard, but always makes sure we understand work and life balance."

  • Felicity Ray

"Felicity is a supportive and caring manager who encourages me to do my best every day, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances."

  • Ian Taylor

"Ian's clear vision for IMB has been articulated through budget priorities and communicated very effectively to the University's senior management. His advocacy has ensured that IMB has been able to achieve its goals."

  • Irina Vetter

"Irina leads by example and always treats the team with respect. Irina has built strong positive relationships with her staff and students and encourages everyone to go the extra mile."

  • Kate Schroder

"Kate has created an environment that is extremely positive and encourages us to strive for excellence. The leadership and mentorship that she provides to her group, and to others, is truly inspirational."

  • Lachlan Rash

"Lachlan is always there to help in any way possible, no matter what’s required or the task ahead. He is always supportive and encouraging, provides advice, and is honest about when he doesn’t have the perfect answer."

  • Matt Sweet (2016 winner)

"Matt's strength lies in his optimism and his ability to see the good in every situation. As a mentor, he instills the passion he feels for science. His encouragement and enthusiasm affects the group in an incredibly positive way resulting in every member feeling valued. Matt always ensures that all of his students and staff accomplish or achieve advancement at any stage of their career."

  • Rink-Jan Lohman (2016 winner)

"R-J is an excellent supervisor, science mentor and lab coach. He has been very influential for a number of IMB students, teaching them how to think laterally and analytically throughout their degree. R-J is an extremely dedicated scientist and has shown strong leadership and mentorship strengths in the research labs particularly relating to his animal in vivo research. There can be no better mentor for a budding young scientist."

  • Rob Capon

"Rob is enthusiastic and engaged on student matters. He is driven, motivated and always works together to achieve clear goals."


IMB Impact Award for Service and Support

This award recognises IMB staff members and students who provide and deliver professional, helpful, high-quality service and support before, during and after the client’s needs are met.

  • Alun Jones

"Alun is one of the most important members of the IMB technical support staff. His assistance has been invaluable for our work since the IMB's inception."

  • Amanda Carozzi

"Amanda is extremely dedicated and provides guidance and support to enhance the student/supervisor relationship. Her level of dedication that she brings to the IMB postgraduate experience is quite unique."

  • Chris Barnett

"Chrisso is an integral part of the fabric that is IMB. His dedication, loyalty and commitment are exceptional. He always brings 100% commitment and professionalism."

  • Christian De Marco (2016 winner)

"Christian goes above and beyond for IMB. He is always friendly, professional and approachable. He is available all of the time and always with a smile. He is committed to an efficient operation where no task is too big or too small, and he makes everyone feel special, important, respected and valued."

  • Gemma Ward

"Gemma is integral to the smooth and efficient operation of communication matters. She is always on hand to answer questions and provide assistance when required. She always assist with issues arising with a smile on her face and calm demeanour."

  • John Snrka

"John's servicing of the FR-E saves UQ ROCX approximately $30,000 a year compared to having a factory service engineer visit. This is a very significant saving and reduces costs to both IMB and Faculty of Science UQ groups."

  • Lance Rathbone

"Lance's work has enabled admin systems to operate efficiently and has enabled support staff to create tools that improve workflow, increase efficiency and provide a level of service and support the envy of other departments."

  • Michelle Foley

"It makes a huge difference to have someone always on top of funding opportunities and advising how to craft proposals to match the goals of funding schemes. Michelle is responsive, knowledgeable, and clearly cares about the quality and impact of her work."

  • Miranda Pitt

"Through her PhD work, her leadership of SIMBA and work with advancement, Miranda has made the IMB a better place in multiple ways."

  • Nick Hamilton

"Nick has promoted and supported IMB teams involved in the recent HealthHack event. His activities within and behalf of IMB within UQ are extensive and they extend beyond the University as he brings people together to achieve scientific outcomes."

  • CSF Staff (team)

"The CSF team is always friendly and willing to accommodate special requests in regards to large batches of items needing autoclaving. Thank you for a job well done!"

  • ECR Committee (team)

"This support group has impacted a huge number of ECRs in a grand way. Their invaluable work supports and serves our ECRs, which inevitably means the role they play is extremely helpful."

  • IMB IT (team)

"The IMB IT team is always helpful and constructive and follows through with solutions to a range of issues. This has a very positive impact on our piece of mind (knowing they are a phone call or ticket away) and our productivity."

  • QBP Store Staff (team)

"The team's friendly nature and knowledge of the products they sell ensures they provide good customer service. They also make time to stop and personally help you to locate items or give advice as to the best product to use or company to ask for a particular product."

  • QBP Workshop (team)

"Even with a number of changes of staff recently the team's professionalism and helpfulness has stayed the same reflecting the culture of good customer service that they provide. Their service is delivered promptly and efficiently."