Physiology of circadian rhythms

About our research

Circadian clocks have a direct impact on most aspects of physiology. As a consequence, exposition to condition that disrupt these clocks, like shift work, has broad impact on health, including predispositions for pathologies like obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Our goal is the characterisation of the mechanisms linking clock disruption and metabolic dysfunction.

Research areas

  • Circadian clock
  • Liver physiology
  • Regulation of gene and protein expression
  • Feeding behaviour


We collaborate across several disciplines and countries. Long-standing collaborators include:

  • Prof. Felix Naef (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Charna Dibner (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

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Frederic Gachon

Associate Professor Frédéric Gachon

Group Leader, Physiology of Circadian Rhythms

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