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'Just add water' - the magic of tardigrades

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  • The quality of research performed at The University of Queensland was recognised at last night’s (13 July) National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Excellence Awards in Canberra.
  • IMB researchers are developing new drugs that target the underlying cause of diabetes and could be taken as tablets rather than injections. 
  • A $10 million biopharmaceutical initiative with strong industry support will be established at The University of Queensland to train the next generation of scientists and enhance Australia’s capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • We can make biofuels with algae, but can we make them commercially viable? IMB is working towards it – and Siemens, Neste Oil Corp, the Queensland Government and others have joined their quest.
  • Toxins from snakes, spiders, jellyfish and scorpions are helping scientists to better understand how pain works, with the hope of managing chronic pain more effectively.
  • Prototypes of a portable test for Zika virus and a range of other diseases, using just a microchip plugged into a smartphone, may be available soon. The new test could be performed from the comfort of the patient’s own home according to IMB's Professor Kirill Alexandrov.
  • UQ scientists are honing in on drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) in a project which could lead to new antibiotics.
  • IMB researchers are seeking public input as they develop a mobile app to help chronic pain sufferers and healthcare providers manage and treat pain.
  • Researchers have unlocked secrets of our ancient immune system, a major scientific advance which could help scientists and clinicians in the global fight against disease. An international team, including researchers from The University of Queensland, identified interactions between immune system pathways which could improve the treatment of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which affects millions of people worldwide.


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