Stereo 2

Nikon SMZ18

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Room 2.136 - Nikon SMZ-18 Motorised Stereo Microscope Stand

Stereo widefield microscope with 100W Mercury lightsource and CMOS camera. Suited for brightfield imaging, imaging fixed samples, samples with low fluorescence and live imaging.

Features Include:

  • Motorised Z Drive
  • Motorised Fluorescence Turret

Transmitted Light:  Nikon 100W Halogen Lamp

Reflected Light:  Nikon Intensilight 100W Mercury White Lightsource








Position Objective Magnification N.A. Immersion W.D. (mm) Type Type Thread
1 SHR Plan Apochromat 0.5x 0.075 Dry 150      
2 SHR Plan Apochromat 1x 0.15 Dry 100      

Fluorescent Filter Sets:

Position Name Excitation Emission Suitable Dyes
1 RFP-LP 540/25 570 Cy3, RFP, TRITC
2 GFP-LP 488/40 510 GFP, A488
3 DAPI-LP 375/28 431/28 DAPI, Hoechst
4 - - - -


HP Z240 Workstation- 16GB RAM - 4GB nVidia Quadro K2200 GPU


30" LCD Monitor


NIS Elements AR 5.1

A motorised stereo-microscope providing brilliant images and uniform fluorescent with more automated functionality than anything else we have had access to before.  This system features bright epi-fluorescent imaging, motorised focus control, customisable experimental design, excellent signal to noise ratio and a built in Extended Depth of Field (EDF) funtionality which allows users to achieve flat focus images of large samples such as zebra-fish, embryos and large tissue samples.  It comes with both 0.5x and 1.0x magnification objective lenses as well as adjustable microscope zoom up to 13.5x giving us a huge range of possible magnifications to suit any researcher needs.


Dr James Springfield
Microscopy Facility Manager​
  +61 7 334 62390

Dr Nicholas Condon
CZI Scientist
  +61 7 334 62042

Dr Deborah Barkauskas
Senior Microscopist​
  +61 7 334 62042

Dr Mahdie Mollazade
Microscopy Officer
  +61 7 334 62042

Mailing address

ACRF Cancer Biology Imaging Facility
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Level 6N, 306 Carmody Road,
Building 80
University of Queensland
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Queensland, Australia