Stereo 1

Olympus SZX12

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Room 2.136 - Olympus SZX12 Microscope Stand with Olympus DP70 CCD camera

Stereo widefield microscope with Halogen Ring and Bifurcated lightsources  and CCD camera. Suited for imaging fixed samples and live imaging.

Features Include:

  • Manual Z Focus
  • Bifurcated Lightsource
  • Ring Lightsource

Transmitted Light100W Halogen Lamp








Position Objective Magnification N.A. Immersion W.D. (mm) Type Type Thread
1 Plan Apochromat 1-12x 0.2 Dry 85      


Dell PC - 3GHz Xeon Processor - 8GB RAM - 256GB nVidia Quadro GPU


30" LCD Monitor


DP Capture


Dr James Springfield
Microscopy Facility Manager​
  +61 7 334 62390

Dr Nicholas Condon
Research Officer, Microscopy​
  +61 7 334 62042

Dr Deborah Barkauskas
Senior Microscopist​
  +61 7 334 62042

Mailing address

ACRF Cancer Biology Imaging Facility
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Level 6N, 306 Carmody Road,
Building 80
University of Queensland
4072, St Lucia,
Queensland, Australia