Hard work pays off for PhD students

6 Dec 2013
December 2013 graduates (L-R): Dr Andrew Ringsmuth, Dr Alysha Elliott, Dr Julie Klint, Dr Zeinab Khalil, Dr Jennifer Smith, Dr Stephen Ainger, Dr Carol Kistler, Dr Ahmed Mehdi.

6 December 2013

On Friday 6 December we celebrated with eight of our recently conferred PhD students as they took part in UQ's end-of-year graduation ceremony.

As we come to the end of 2013, IMB wishes to congratulate all of our PhD students who have been conferred during the past 12 months:

  • Dr Fabian Buske (Bailey Lab)
  • Dr Maurizio Chioccioli (Hankamer Lab)
  • Dr Alysha Elliott (Craik/Mylne Labs)
  • Dr Selene Fernandez Valverde (Taft/Mattick Labs)
  • Dr Dennis Gascoigne (Mattick Lab)
  • Dr Rajesh Ghai (Collins Lab)
  • Dr Marco Inserra (Lewis Lab)
  • Dr Jonas Jensen (King Lab)
  • Dr Zeinab Khalil (Capon Lab)
  • Dr Carol Kistler (Parton Lab)
  • Dr Julie Klint (King Lab)
  • Dr Monika Koehnke (Alexandrov Lab)
  • Dr Marta Kubala (Alexandrov Lab)
  • Dr Junxian Lim (Fairlie Lab)
  • Dr Piyush Madhamshettiwar (Ragan Lab)
  • Dr Ahmed Mehdi (Bailey/Boden Labs)
  • Dr David Morgenstern (King Lab)
  • Dr Caroline Nelson (Waters Lab)
  • Dr Asma Rehman (Martin Lab)
  • Dr Andrew Ringsmuth (Hankamer Lab)
  • Dr Natalie Saez (King Lab)
  • Dr Melanie Shakespear (Sweet Lab)
  • Dr Jennifer Smith (Alewood Lab)
  • Dr David Thomsom (Cooper Lab)
  • Dr Zakir Tnimov (Alexandrov Lab)
  • Dr Patricia Walden (Martin Lab)
  • Dr Rilei Yu (Craik Lab)