Rapid detection of bacterial infections

We are developing next-generation rapid and accurate diagnostics to quickly identify superbugs so we can give the right drug to patients the first time. This is important to better treat disease and reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

New drugs to fight superbugs

Building on a suite of development candidate antibiotics from IMB, we combine some of Australia’s best minds in drug design and discovery to fast-track development of new antibiotics. More than $20 million of research grants has formed the backbone of an aggressive lead optimisation program to progress candidate antibiotics that can combat superbug infections.

A new antibiotic to treat MRSA (Golden Staph), S. pneumoniae, and C. difficile is at a commercialisation stage, with other research programs focused on innovative new approaches to treat tuberculosis and serious Gram-negative ‘ESKAPE’ human pathogens.

Breakthrough solutions

We are testing other solutions for the superbug problem. For example, we are investigating whether we can disarm the bacteria with drugs rather than killing them, thereby reducing the pressure on the bacteria to develop resistance to the drug.

Animal Health

Veterinary use of antibiotics is of increasing concern, with a strong campaign to reduce the agricultural industry’s reliance on conventional antibiotics. The Centre is investigating the use of the antimicrobial activity of byproducts from the wine industry to develop a ‘natural’ therapy to target skin infections in animals such as poultry and pigs.

Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

CO-ADD is a not-for-profit global initiative led by IMB Cooper Research Group for academics. Our goal is to screen compounds from academic research groups from anywhere in the world for free. We aim to help researchers around the world to find new, diverse compounds to combat the superbug crisis, priming the antibiotic drug discovery pipeline.

Submit your compounds at www.co-add.org