New funding to explore IL-1beta secretion

We are excited to announce that Associate Professor Kate Schroder, has been awarded funding to explore a novel mechanism for IL-1β secretion.The project led by Kate Schroder, in collaboration with Professor Jenny Stow, is one of seven IMB Project Grants totalling $5.1 million, to receive funding from the NHMRC.

“IMB researchers are working on many exciting projects that will improve our understanding of, and ultimately, our ability to treat a range of diseases including heart disease, pain, cancer, infection and type 2 diabetes,” Professor Stow, IMB Deputy Director Research said.

“This funding is a testament to the world-class quality of our people and the valuable contribution they make to improving the health of all Australians through leading discovery research.”


A novel mechanism for IL-1b secretion
$608,152, 2017-2019
Kate Schroder (CIA), Jenny Stow (CIB)

During injury or infection, our body’s immune system protects us by launching inflammation. But uncontrolled inflammation drives common diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. This project will reveal how the body produces interleukin-1β – a protein at the heart of inflammation and disease – so we can design better strategies for treating patients with inflammation driven disease.


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Last updated:
13 June 2017