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The Global Challenges PhD Scholarship will enable you to gain outstanding training in a specific research discipline over four years, and acquire skills that will ensure you are equipped for careers across academia, industry, government and beyond. We are committed to providing a gold standard in holistic training for our PhD students to generate job-ready graduates with a broad range of opportunities available to them post-PhD.

Towards the start of your experience you will spend a week at an external location where the program will be launched. Here you will undertake shared experiences with the other HDR students as well and being exposed to talks and ideas by experts in the field of Antibiotic Resistance or Genes and Genomes, including clinicians, industry and academia. In this intensive environment you will discuss current issues and existing barriers in the field, in the company of world leading experts. This residential week will form the platform to consider the part you will play in tackling a big and significant problem, both as individuals and as a collective.  

Our program for Training is designed to support your PhD research with four pillars.

  1. Research project design, execution, and laboratory skills
  2. Thematic courses in Antimicrobial Resistance or Genes and Genomes
  3. Research culture development
  4. Transferable skills training and career development

These four pillars of knowledge will support your research experience and maximise PhD project outcomes and your professional development.

Training will be provided through the course of the program, with instruction in a range of research skills including project design and execution, research integrity and ethics, statistics, science communication and discipline-specific modules (e.g. advanced microscopy, informatics, advanced spectroscopy).

Graduation from the program will involve the examination of your written thesis document as well as an oral defence. Throughout the program, you will be supported by your candidature committee to craft your research, draft relevant publications, and meet progression milestones.

The Job Ready period is designed to empower graduating students to develop their next career step in science and will include an internship with a suitable partner organisation.


Dr Madhavi Maddugoda
Strategic Advisor, Research Training


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