About the program

The Global Challenges PhD Scholarship offers a four-year living stipend of $37,500 per annum, plus $2,500 per annum career development stipend to outstanding Australian citizens, permanent residents and international students currently in Australia, who are eager to find solutions to the global challenges of overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance or decoding Genes and Genomes in 2022.

IMB is a national training hub for research in antimicrobial resistance, genes and genomes, inflammation and drug discovery. We bring together world leaders in these themes with access to cutting edge equipment, infrastructure, and collaborative power, enabling us to tackle these global issues from multiple angles and disciplines. For example, we are addressing the problem of Antibiotic Resistance, using chemistry, genomics, microbiology, immunology and pharmacology to discover new antibiotics, revamp old ones, understand microbial genetics and devise immune reprogramming strategies. Similarly, we address the challenge of decoding Genes and Genomes through a combination of molecular biology, high-throughput genomics, bioinformatics, and statistical methodology to understand the regulation of the genome and the impact of genetic variation across people.

The PhD projects on offer will give each student the opportunity to take a deep dive into a specialised topic and research discipline in one laboratory and within our broad-ranging approach. Each project will provide the rich foundational research training gained by completing a PhD and an opportunity to make a unique contribution to the field of knowledge. By conducting these projects within a cohort of other students, also aiming to broadly address the identified themes, the collective will form an intellectual hub, together, solving these global challenges.

Importantly, the scholarship includes specialised training in each theme and cutting-edge research techniques, systematic transferable skills training from the UQ Career Development Framework, and the potential of an internship with a related partner organisation. Collectively, these will form four pillars of support for the research project and create job ready graduates with links to the national and international research, entrepreneurial and industry community.

The Global Challenges PhD Scholarship will generate game changing graduates qualified to step into a range of post PhD careers with a full package of training and a broad network of support.

Scholarship Summary 

Enrolment status 

New students 

Student type 

Domestic students, Onshore international students 

Level of study 

Higher Degree by Research (PhD) 

Study area 

Biological sciences 

HDR funding type 

$37,500 per annum (living stipend, indexed annually) + 2,500 (career development stipend) 

Scholarship duration 

Four years 

Opening date 

1 July 2021 

Closing date 

15 August 2021 


Dr Madhavi Maddugoda
Strategic Advisor, Research Training



Antimicrobial Resistance

Genes and Genomes

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